Oxford Instruments Direct - Cryospares®

Offering you an extensive range of cryogenic products, spare parts, accessories and consumables - with a fast and efficient service, expert support and rapid delivery of products world-wide.

We can satisfy your low temperature laboratory requirements, including:

  • Cryogenic safety equipment
  • Cryogenic components, accessories, consumables and spares
  • Cryocooler and refrigerator accessories and spares
  • Liquid helium (LHe) and liquid nitrogen (LN2) dewars, transfer tubes and siphons
  • Superconducting magnet power supplies, accessories and spares
  • Temperature controllers, sensors and electronics
  • Vacuum components and pumps
  • Windows for optical cryostats

Our products support Oxford Instruments cryogenic systems, and systems supplied by other manufacturers, to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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Oxford Instruments Direct - Cryospares
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